How To Wear Dresses That Will Accentuate Your Body

The primary rule in fashion that will emphasize your assets and conceal your deficiencies is that you have to know your body type well. Your shape can be an apple, pear, wedge, rectangle, or hourglass. It can be a combination of any two or more of these shapes. Once you have identified your body shape, you can work around planning the types of clothes appropriate to your figure.

The key is that the garments you choose will make you achieve a balanced form, which is the neat hourglass shape, with the same proportions on the upper and lower parts and a narrower middle area.

#1. Hourglass

Since you have the curves in the proper places, highlight those areas by wearing fitted clothes. How’s that wrap dress or a belted jacket as a fashion outfit? That will flatter your large bust and hip areas while drawing attention to your tiny waist. You can also don a crop top and a pencil skirt to achieve the same effect. Other options are skinny leg jeans or flowy pants with belt.

#2. Apple

To accentuate your top and create an illusion of a curvy lower body, wear a flowy top or swing coat paired with jeans with pocket or A-line skirts or slacks. If you are into straight-leg pants, pick the one that is low-waist. Show off your slender legs through a shift dress or a high-waist circle shirt.

#3. Pear

Since your hips and lower body are bigger than your upper portions, mix and match some colors with tops that are lighter and bottoms that are darker. Don a structured jacket with its ends that is just above the waist. Match this with an A-line skirt or flared jeans. Draw attention to your upper body through an off-shoulder dress.

#4. Wedge

With wide shoulders, tone down attention from your upper body to your midsection through dresses that will provide a semblance of a waistline. You can opt for full skirts, pants that are wide in the leg area or bottoms that are bright in color.

#5. Rectangle

These are the slender type with the shoulders, waist, and hips that have almost similar widths. As you don’t need to conceal other body sections, show off your legs and arms. A V-neck or a scoop neck blouse or a top with collars or ruffles can create an illusion of a curve.

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