How To Dress When You Have Stretch Marks

BeachMany women suffer from stretch marks. And while men suffer from stretch marks also, it seems to happen more often on women for reasons such as our breasts growing too quickly during puberty or pregnancy. Many of us don’t mind our stretch marks as they are nothing to be ashamed about and are a normal part of life. They are so common! However, there are also many women who do like to cover up their stretch marks as often as possible.

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose something to wear that covers up your stretch marks and looks good at the same time. This of course depends on where your stretch marks are and how severe they are.


You can usually find the right dress for your stretch marks. If you have stretch marks on your upper arms, there are many dresses you can find which are a v – neck and have long sleeves. If you have stretch marks on your bust, you can still wear dresses which are sleeveless but they need to be higher in the bust area. It is more difficult to find a dress that suits those with stretch marks on their bust and upper arms. Often winter dresses are more appropriate here. It really depends on how comfortable you are with your stretch marks.

Bathing Suits

Now, when most of us who have stretch marks think of bathing suits, we think no way! And then we think, well ok maybe a full one piece suit. But they often don’t have any style. Is there another option for a bathing suit that will actually look good at the sametime as hiding stretch marks? Well yes there is. There are nice 2 piece suits that actually look great and hide your stretch marks. That is if you have stretch marks after pregnancy. The bottoms of these bathing suits are a fair bit higher than regular ones so it actually looks like a fashion statement rather than you are hiding something. This is a great option if you have looking for a 1 piece alternative.

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